Thursday, August 25, 2011

Canon Demi

Posted by Michael J. Cargill

My former boss on the show Sherri (a fellow photo nut) sent me a present a few weeks ago. It was a Canon Demi half frame camera from the 60s that had been collecting dust on her shelf. (what can I say, I work with super cool people!)
I guess the camera was designed at a time when film was super expensive. So by shooting 2 images on a single film frame, folks were able to save money, and double their photo output. As the world goes digital, film is again rather pricey, so it's cool to dust this puppy off, and use it tome make instant diptychs.
I personally love the look, feel, and 'never know what you're gonna get" feel of this camera. Here are a couple shots that I've gotten from it thus far. More to come soon.
Thanks again boss!


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